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It was a year ago now when my world came crashing down. But with my counsellors help i was able to build my confidence up and start believing in myself again. With the weekly sessions i was able to understand myself better and understand alot of 'unfinished' things from my past and with the help i've been able to process them and work through the emotions instead of ignoring them.  I've now been back at work. Without the service of MACP, my recovery would have been so much longer and slower and never as successful. With the service MACP provided i was able to work through stress caused by work and was able to work through emotions ignored and surpressed.


Thank you to my counsellor and honestly couldnt have done it without her. She is a Superstar

First time at therapy & Counsellor was absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

I recently finished counselling with my counsellor. I just wanted to say Thank You for the service received and Thank the counsellor for being there for me each week helping me to overcome a traumatic event. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. The counsellor is brilliant at his job and his patience advice and guidance meant a lot so I can get over the trauma and get back to some normality.
Thank you
I wanted to take the time to say how grateful our family is for the support provided to us and our son. Our counsellor and the help and guidance she provided to our family was above and beyond. We are lucky to be on a path forward and have been able to apply coping techniques taught by the counsellor to help manage stressful times as they arise. I want to acknowledge the work the counsellor does and we are thankful for the support of the charity. 

 I just wanted to send an email to express my heartfelt thanks to my counsellor in MACP. I have attended sessions since September 2018 and my final session was on the 30th of September past. I will forever be grateful for what this service has done for me. I walked into the first session shortly after a suicide attempt and was referred to you by a mental health team. I met my counsellor and have spent a year with the counsellor every week religiously attending. When I look back now over this past year and what I have achieved I am so proud of myself and this has been total with the help of my counsellor! It has literally saved my life. From days that we’re just a black dark hole to where I am now is a miracle and it has been the toughest battle I have ever fought but with the help, I got from my counsellor it has been outstanding. I was so anxious at first going to counselling but I cannot recommend this service enough. Without a shadow of a doubt if I ever have to recommend counselling this service is outstanding. I will be forever in the debt of my counsellor and MACP. I will never thank you enough. This service has literally helped me turn my life around and has helped me find the old me.


Thank you

"I found my entire experience very beneficial within MACP. Over a period of time, I could see noticeable changes in my attitude and behaviour, therefore I found the service highly effective. I was happy with the speed at which sessions progressed, not too fast yet not too slow either. My Counsellor always made me feel relaxed and understood. I like that MACP is not time-limited and I would highly recommend this service"


"Before my sessions with my Counsellor in MACP, it really felt like my problems were in-built and incurable. But, with the benefit of my Counsellors' relaxed approach and personal warmth, I no longer fear those problems. Instead, I feel my counselling experience has helped to give me powerful and effective means of overcoming my problems and it has also helped me come a long way in moving forward."


"Thank you for all your help & support over the past few months. You are a very approachable Counsellor and have made a big difference in changing my outlook to be more positive, outgoing and to believe in myself more."

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